Introduction to the era of Crypto Casinos

Crypto Casinos are the casino that mainly accepts and deals with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Tether (USDT), Libra (LIBRA), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS (EOS), Monero (XMR), etc. Many sites in the present world are offering such types of betting services. We are dealing with reviews of casinos that are dealing with various currencies. But, crypto casinos only deal with virtual currencies. They are only accepting these currencies for extra security and a large amount. Day by day, all casinos will move to cryptocurrencies due to the facility of high security.  

Sites offering Crypto Casinos

There are many sites are offering such types of casinos. Only a few numbers are real. They are BitStarz Casino, mBit Casino, King Billy Casino, FortuneJack Casino, 7Bit Casino, Casino, BetChain Casino, etc. are remarkable. We are going to give some information about those sites.

BitStarz Casino


BitStarz Casino is one of the renowned and remarkable casino sites which accepts cryptocurrencies. They offer various promotional issues like discounts and free membership for a limited time. The initial deposit is very low here and their customer feedback is good enough. The support system is very updated and a refund policy of deposit is available. There is an instant payout system here. Most of the gambler like to join here and earn a lot every hour. A discrete manager always tries to look at such a type of opportunity to make a handsome portfolio. It is a highly recommended site for casino players. 


mBit Casino


mBit Casino is another good site that takes a minimum signup charge. They have also a good customer support center. They don’t refund but give the deposit back to their own account. In this way, the player can use it for future purposes. The site is exclusive and people find it easy to grab. It is a mobile-friendly interface. It is easy to learn and make an easy deposit. The payout system is also good. People got it very useful and their team of management is very supportive. 


King Billy Casino

King Billy Casino is one of the ancient casino sites which prefer cryptocurrencies. Their customer support system is not enough matured and also backdated. The management team may be in crisis. The payout system is comparatively in an average. People have a mixed review of this site. Some people claim they don’t pay in time. But, one thing is clear that they need to modify the interface and they should clear the payment issues. If there need any automation, they should fix it as soon as possible.


FortuneJack Casino

Fortune Jack

FortuneJack Casino is a good site. We have made a deposit and got a good result. Their promotional offers are very charming. They occasionally offer discounts and cashback. They have good customer care service. They respond very quickly. They have a good command of the language. They are actually very professional. They have made a changed in the interface a few weeks ago. It is very useful and user-friendly. They make good graphics in interface to charm young people.


7Bit Casino

Crypto Casinos

7Bit Casino is one of the smart sites of casino which has launched in 2017. It has a good payment processing system. They offer instant cash-out opportunities for people who want to make it hurry. They have a huge investment in the site. They have also a good team of professionals. They maintain customer support centers efficiently. They promote sites through social media and ads. They have a huge deposit and they have an investment in construction equipment. They also manage the terminal operation. Their customer turnover ratio is very low. We have got it very rich site and we recommend this site for all users. If you have no experience in crypto casino sites, you must check for it. Casino Casino is a German site. They have a professional team of management. But, their payment processor is not up to the mark. They have some claims in review. We have made some investment and we have got back it after the spending of some times. Their customer service is good but the management team is under confusion. Some people said that they will change management within few weeks. We should hold on to our investment here until the decision has been made.


BetChain Casino 

Crypto Casinos

BetChain Casino is a new casino site. They provide cash back on BTC deposits. The startup program is lucrative and the current promotion offer is good. They are providing two years’ free membership with a welcome bonus. They have a good interface of programming. They made it user-friendly for both desktop and mobile versions. Their payment system is good and it takes 24 hours to make payment. Their customer care service system is very good and charming. Live chat is available and FAQ is also attached with the website. They have a forum for discussion. They have made it user-friendly also. We have got it as a good casino.


CryptoWild Casino

Crypto Casinos

CryptoWild Casino is the worst casino site at present time. They have changed management and their payment system is too long. They take a request for 72 hours but takes 7 days to verify it. Their customer care system is not good enough. They have a complain on good feedback. Some players claim that they show status paid though they didn’t pay till now. It is horrible and painful. Before make an investment, please check the update news. We don’t recommend it for investment. 

We have seen a lot of crypto casinos which is really a piece of great news. People who are using USD, Pound or EURO will within a short time use cryptocurrency. These types of currencies are safe and secured for making transactions. We have also made some investments for testing purposes. We will share the feedback later. Now, most of the mentioned sites are trying to build up their own business. So, it is the perfect time for making investments and plays casinos. You know the entry time is crucial for discrete managers. As an early bird, you can try for a test. We believe that you can choose because there is “No Risk, No Gain”. 

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